App Key Features

Talk with an Agent

With inbound call towards the Serviced Desk, users get the suitable agent on the phone to solve their issues.

Chat with an Agent

Like sending a text message, users could immediately start chatting with an agent about their problems.

Request a Call Back

Too busy now? Call back function allows users to schedule a call according to their preferred time window. 

Send Email

Users could draft a quick email on the phone with any picture or screenshot attachment. Minimum intrusion of current work flow. 

System Disruptions

Live update that keep users aware of the upcoming updates and system disruptions. 

Self-help Guide

Frequently asked questions can be answered in the system quickly and effortlessly. 

Single Sign-on

Users will be able to use their enterprise credentials to log in to OneContact. No need for registration or password set up.

Multiple Languages

Users will have the ability to select their preferred language for the app as well the support team will be contacting them.